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We the Translators provides localization services with focus on key specializations:

Document translation isn’t always as easy as it appears, and it could be a nightmare unless it's properly managed. An important requirement of commercial translation is to retain the layout and function of a document that the author or writer intended to display, and to demonstrate an understanding of the content. So, to achieve this goal it's imperative that the translator masters the tool by which a document was written. The professionals at We the Translators know that the linguistic conversion of content is not the only requirement. Instead, we perform our work in consideration of the perspectives that the author and the end user will have. Did you ever have to manipulate a translation file after your language team delivered it? It can be challenging. So, one of our goals is to redefine the term “translations services.” We’re experienced enough to know your source text may have minor errors and inconsistencies, but these things can result in output that’s neither constructive nor intelligible. To help improve your translation, our linguistic team might send you questions for clarification.

Website localization is a key factor, not only in your success but that of your customer as well. Many businesses in the U.S. are now making huge portions of their revenue from overseas markets, and on the Internet the amount of non-English website content exceeds that of English content. Through accurate website localization, positive results can be achieved in sales activities and responses to your marketing. It isn’t so difficult to tell an English-language website that was created as the original, particularly by comparison to a simple language conversion. If the website is designed to target emerging markets—one or more Asian countries, for example—it’s very possible that the website will overlook certain language-specific matters. The characters used in many Asian languages have more strokes than the Roman alphabet does. As a result, the Asian language versions of some USA-centric websites aren’t designed in consideration of that issue. So, after translation of the English original one can find that the Asian language text isn’t readable or it looks very unappealing, even though that wasn’t the intent when the English original was created.

Website localization should take several other issues into account, such as the difference between the original language and the target language, encoding and much more. Our team has expertise in markup languages that handle websites as informational languages, so that the localization process can retain the points that the Web programmer and designer want to keep. If you aren’t such a technical person, leave the work to us. We will communicate with your Web master and designer so that the job is done correctly.

Software localization takes more effort while translating and finalizing your material for use than other types of translation work might. That's because the task of software translation generally comes without a context. To avoid problems, it's recommended that WYSIWYG mode be used in a dedicated application so that the strings appearing in dialogues, buttons or windows will be translated in proper context. When that isn’t possible, the work really needs a translator's experience. Our team can make context-safe translation using their best knowledge and experience, even when the project information isn’t sufficient. Did you ever see the text or button names truncated in your software's dialog or message window? Did you ever see any translation that was out of context or a menu that simply didn’t make sense? These are just some of the aspects that our translators consider during the localization process.

Desktop publishing offers many benefits, including the ability to save money and shorten turnaround. But this depends on the process you use and the people with whom you work. Even when processing a business-card translation and desktop publishing job, you might have had the results revised four or five times because of a failure to properly complete each step. We are experts in desktop publishing. We’ll get your multilingual documents print-ready and ensure that they match the quality of the originals.



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